Leading for Collective Impact

We help leaders grow, empower others, and enable effective teams

Leaders set the tone for the entire organization

Their actions have the potential to inspire employees to do their best work

Leaders who perform at the highest levels are distinguished by their ability to set vision and strategy and to master relationships both within their companies and with outside stakeholders. They have the skills and the mindset to grow themselves and inspire others to excellence, through relationships built on common purpose, collaboration, empowerment, adaptability, and trust.

Our programs take a holistic approach to helping leaders succeed –for their teams and organizations, and in all aspects of their lives. Moving to a stronger, more clarified view of values, purpose, vision, and strategy, we help leaders find their focus, envision possibilities, nurture teams, successfully meet challenges, and deliver the impact that leads to breakthrough results for their organization.

Transform your leaders with relationship-centered coaching for high performance and impact

Unleash the potential of your leaders

The world needs connected, high-impact leaders: our mission is to develop them

Leaders who perform at the highest levels know that success is a reflection of what they do, as well as how they show up that makes all the difference. For over 20 years, we have successfully coached leaders and their teams to remarkable transformations, in organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to ambitious family businesses.

Our approach brings solid business experience, hard-won wisdom, and a warm heart to every coaching engagement. We work as trusted partners to help our clients become the most effective version of themselves and enhance their company’s performance.

Empowering Leadership Presence

Empower your people to lead with presence and impact


Proven Strategies for Leadership Challenges

Transform your organizational effectiveness with our leadership development services for leaders, teams and emerging talent.

Are your leaders fully equipped to know themselves, develop others and navigate change? This transformative service will broaden leaders’ capacity to achieve their vision and execute strategies while also inspiring positive engagement from their teams in ways that create greater organizational impact. Read more…

Is your team operating at its highest potential? Whether you are leading a newly formed or well-established team, we can help you cultivate a higher performing team with clarity of purpose, approach, strong relationships and high trust so the  whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Read more…

Does your next generation lead with inspiration and impact? Do they have the leadership competencies to shift from being individual contributors to being managers and leaders?  We support your up-and-coming leaders to realize their potential and raise their performance in a scalable, sustainable way. Read more…

Are you worried about retaining your best employees? Our Organizational Effectiveness strategy helps senior leaders engage with employees at all levels and evolve the culture of the organization to meet the changing needs of today’s workforce.  Read more…

ABOUT Hana rotman

My purpose is to help leaders and teams thrive

I’m Hana Rotman, the Founder of HMR Leadership. I help leaders and teams thrive through coaching, with over 30 years of experience in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and coaching. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Google and Kaiser Permanente, as well as with small businesses. As a first-generation American with a multicultural background, I bring a unique perspective to my coaching approach. Expect a pragmatic, experience-based approach combined with a generous heart to uncover new insights and activate greater impact in your organization.

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